Aesthetic Award 2013

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Bringing Together Aesthetic Nurses

About The BACN

The primary and largest Membership Association in Cosmetic Medicine

The British Association of Cosmetic Nurses was established in 2010 following restructuring at The Royal College of Nursing which left us without a specialist forum group.  It is a ‘not for profit’ association with an elected Board and Regional Group Leaders.

The Association have been awarded 3 consecutive times by The Cosmetic Industry Awards  ‘Association of The Year’ - 2011 and 2012 and 2013.  This in acknowledgement of our many achievements and the contribution our members have made to this field of practice.

From a small start in 2010 we have grown to a membership of 600+ members, all nurses with a passion for what they do and a desire to be part of a specialist community, working together with common goals.

Members are kept well informed, are supported by their peers, have access to continuing professional development and are encouraged to participate on special projects for the benefit of all.

  •  We work together at highest level in policy-making - BACN expert advisers with professional organisations, including BSI and the Government-appointed Health Education England and other professional medical bodies and organisations.
  • Our Cosmetic Nurse competencies are Royal College of Nursing accredited.
  • We provide specialist level advice on best practice in Cosmetic treatments.
  • We support the specialist nurse with educational frameworks, competencies, training and support which enables them to offer a professional service to people seeking a cosmetic treatment.



 The BACN is working towards ensuring its nurses give you the safest and most professional treatment.

 What to expect from a BACN nurse: 

  • an NMC registered nurse 
  • a well-informed, professional practitioner
  • support
  • a safe and ethical service
  • a nurse who works within the BACN Code of Practice
  • accountability
If you are considering an injectable cosmetic treatment there are many things to consider and check.  Your checklist should include: 
  •  proof of the qualification of your Practitioner, be that nurse, doctor or dentist
  • evidence and certificates of training and insurance
  • a full and detailed consultation with your Practitioner
  • a full medical history taken during consultation
  • consideration and an understanding of your needs
  • time to reflect (a cooling-off period)
  • clear explanation of treatments and what to expect before, during and after treatment
  • explanation of possible side effects and complications
  • informed consent signed each time
  • information leaflets on treatments
  • before and after photos
  • a full aftercare service with follow up
REMEMBER: having a cosmetic injectable or any invasive cosmetic treatment is not without risk and warrants specialist clinical expertise.


 COMING SOON TO THE BACN WEBSITE:  Practitioner Finder and Treatment Advice and Information 


Our Constitutional Aims are as follows;
  • To act as an expert resource.
  • To provide guidance on best practice to ensure the safety of patients and nurses alike.
  • To review current training and raise standards.
  • To provide Continuous Professional Development.
  • To give members access to information on training, conferences and research.
  • To facilitate guidance and support to members and inform and educate the public/media.
  • Organise, or assist in organising meetings, lectures, workshops and exhibitions or assist in publishing reports or other documents or information.
  • To work with all stakeholders.
  • To facilitate networking.
  • To influence policy making at the highest level.  

Why Join US?

Members Website

A website for members only with news, events, forum and blogs, resources with useful information on practice, research, products and suppliers.



The BACN is able to negotiate discounts on professional indemnity insurance,  events  and magazine subscriptions  for BACN members.


Regional Groups

Attend local networking,  workshops, seminars and presentations organised by your regional group.  Meet your peers for friendship, advice and support.



With over 600 members and a wealth of experience between us, we can find the answers to any question and seek the best advice for any problem. Sharing information, experiences and best practice, we can all learn from each other.

An e-newsletter keeps members updated with important information and news of the work we are undertaking.

Closed Forum section on the website for contact, information and discussion.....

Closed BACN facebook page for members only.

Website for reference, classifieds and more.


Education and Professional development

The BACN organises CPD events throughout the year heavily subsidised for members. Peer group discussion on the closed Forum section on the website, closed members facebook page and local regional meetings.


A political voice

As the largest membership body in this field of practice we are able to represent aesthetic nurses at a political level.  The BACN contributed to The Department of Health Review of Cosmetic Services, to report in Spring 2013 and also on The European Committee drafting Standards of Practice for The EU.  We protect and promote the role nurses play in aesthetics.


Working Together to Define and Drive Standards

The BACN is;

  • Reviewing, redrafting and updating The Standards of Competency for Nurses in Aesthetic medicine, first published by The RCN in 2005.
  • Designing templates for assessment and consent forms for use by members.
  • Drafting best practice protocols for aesthetic medical treatments.
  • Developing frameworks for mentorship and appraisal.
  • The BACN has published guidelines for prescribing partnerships for nurses in aesthetic medicine.
  • Working with a multidisciplinary team to develop  consensus guidelines on the diagnosis and management of complications in aesthetics.
  • BACN Aesthetic Nursing Competency Framework Document accredited by the RCN

We encourage and facilitate members to come together and work on projects to benefit us all.



The majority of events we hold are open to non-members also, though for a higher fee.  Please see the website for information on upcoming events.


What do members say?

I have found membership useful as it is an excellent means of keeping in touch with ongoing issues, and as a board to put questions out to. Due to family issues, I can not always attend meetings etc., but by being a member, I can still keep in touch with what is going on and I have a shared group for advice on any issues.

Focused, supportive and informative- have a lot of respect for this professional group and its members.

Since joining BACN I am able to attend conferences and workshops, which I would not normally be aware of if I was on my own.

Without the BACN I am certain I would have ceased practice a long time ago. This organisation has been nothing short of supportive, approachable & extremely professional, more than met my expectations. It is so nice to know there is the support network there of other professionals in the field.

It is only through my learning and guidance offered by BACN that I feel I can completely justify my practice. If I was not able to access this resource there are issues I would not even be aware of. It's a scary world out there alone but with BACN I feel supported.

The BACN has been a great support to me. It has provided online peer support, personal support and has clarified many issues surrounding aesthetic nursing in the NHS at the moment. It is excellent at keeping me up 
to date with political and practical issues. Far exceeds what I thought it would do.

Becoming a member of the BACN has transformed my working life. I am delighted to be a member and suggest that all nurses working in aesthetics give serious consideration to joining the Association

I am truly overwhelmed by the knowledge and intelligence of so many nurses involved with the BACN. The passion and support has been fantastic but more than this, the guidance (especially recently) has been so clear and thorough. Best money I've ever spent. Thank you.